The Monarch

Ben Marinez

Featured Creative: Ben Marinez

Ben Marinez, Staff Writer April 24, 2023
"I’m drawn to photography because it’s an underappreciated form of art."
Fuller-Boardman 24

Featured Creative: Adrianna Fuller-Boardman

Adrianna Fuller-Boardman, Staff Writer November 27, 2022
Natural, candid, and detailed. I want to capture the beauty of everything around me.
Shefali Bharadwaj 23

Featured Creative: Shefali Bharadwaj

Erin Chung, Photography Editor October 18, 2022
I want to transport others to the past and help them reminisce on fond past memories.
Featured Creative: Jackie Ruan

Featured Creative: Jackie Ruan

Photography Editors December 4, 2021

Why are you drawn to/passionate about photography? I started photography in July of 2020 for the first time. It was in the midst of the pandemic when I was bored out of my mind that I came across...

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