Featured Creative: Ben Marinez

Ben Marinez '23 shares the story of his photography journey.

April 24, 2023

Ben Marinez ’23

1. How did you start photography? 

I’m drawn to photography because it’s an underappreciated form of art. In my opinion, it’s also a form of art that can be constructed in many different ways. For instance, a simple picture of a tree’s reflection in a puddle can be transformed into something magical and beautiful. Here is one of my pieces which captures a glimpse of nature amidst a concrete landscape.

2. What gear do you use? 

The only gear I currently use is an iPhone 14 with the ProCam app. For beginner photographers, it is very effective as it can do almost everything a camera can do. Also, you may think it’s just a phone camera but it’s not; the ProCam removes the restrictions on light and focal points so that you, the photographer, can better adjust your pictures.

Ben Marinez ’23

3. What editing software do you use? 

My editing software is Adobe Photoshop. It’s got everything I need to adjust and edit my pictures.

4. Describe your photogenic style in 3 words. 

Different, Meaningful, Exotic

5. What is your favorite subject to shoot? 

My favorite subjects to shoot are cars and automobiles. I really enjoy photographing them because I have a passion for cars. I also enjoy taking candid photos of food, especially the meals I eat.



Ben Marinez ’23

6. Are there any photographers or videographers that inspire you? 

I don’t have a specific creator I look up to, but I definitely take advice and inspiration from fellow photographers and editors around the world. I even take inspiration from those close to me, such as my friend Ashmit who is a wonderful photographer.

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