Featured Creative: Adrianna Fuller-Boardman

Adrianna Fuller-Boardman '24 shares the story of her photography journey.

November 27, 2022

  1. How did you start photography? 

    Adrianna Fuller-Boardman ’24

I first started exploring photography in 6th grade. I took a photography class and immediately fell in love with it. They taught me the basics on how to manually shoot on a DSLR camera, and the mini photo “safaris” during the class were really fun and memorable. 

  1. What gear do you use?

This past year, I saved up my money to purchase a second-hand Canon 5D Mark lll camera. My mom gave me her 75-300 mm canon lens, which I use often. However, I hope to soon purchase a wide angle lens as well. I also like to take quick and fun photos on my iPhone. 

  1. Where do you see your photography heading? Are there any new styles or subjects you want to explore?

As I become more involved with photography, I have started to practice shooting and editing as well. I’ve recently been trying to get out of my comfort zone to shoot at some of the Mitty football games this year. I want to continue to improve my skills of nature and portrait photography. Although, one day I would also like to try film photography.

  1. Describe your photographic style in 3 words.

    Adrianna Fuller-Boardman ’24

Natural, candid, and detailed. I love to explore the outdoors and take pictures of the world around me. I also enjoy taking pictures of my friends and dog during thoughtful moments, as I always want to capture the beauty of everything around me.


  1. Are there any photographers or videographers that inspire you?

Vivian Maier and Bill Cunningham. I really admire how Vivian Maier takes amazing, candid pictures of everyday life. And Bill Cunningham’s work is inspiring; he is able to combine his love for fashion and photography by interacting with the fashionable people of his city. 

  1. Favorite photography location?

    Adrianna Fuller-Boardman ’24

One of my favorite places to take pictures is Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz while the ocean is at a low tide. I love taking pictures of my dog, the ocean, anemones, and local fisherman. Santa Cruz is always a very lively and dynamic place to take photos. I also like practicing photography at skateparks because it is a fun challenge to capture the motion. There are also lots of opportunities to experiment with editing styles, allowing me to explore this hobby as well.

  1. Describe your most creative photo or video shoot.

    Adrianna Fuller-Boardman ’24

My most creative photo shoot happened this summer. My photography camp provided me with the opportunity to take pictures in a studio. I did a shoot in which I used the studio’s lights to project colors from different sides. This would allow me to take photos with a bunch of overlapping shadows. Overall, I enjoyed this experience because I was able to experiment with new equipment and lighting techniques.



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