The Monarch

Photo courtesy of Now and Forever Studios

Archie the Lion: The Monarch Behind the Mask

An interview with the mascot of AMHS, Archie the Lion.
Shefali Bharadwaj and Merisa Prisha Raj April 24, 2022
Though he only recently earned a name, Archie the Lion has always encapsulated the spirit of the Archbishop Mitty High School. Whenever there’s a large crowd, Archie is typically found cheering on the sidelines—but who is Archie, really?
Renovations to Campus

Renovations to Campus

Highlighting the recent changes the Mitty campus has undergone.
Haeum Lee April 24, 2022
Members of the administration are dedicating their time and effort to making the campus more beautiful and convenient through both short-term and long-term projects.
Photo courtesy of Ms. Jamie Visser

Journeying Together at Mitty’s Listening Sessions

An overview of the Catholic Church's Universal Synod and its manifestations on Mitty's campus.
Anik Chobe and Brooke Hulbert April 24, 2022
The modern iteration of the Synod of Bishops was established in 1965 according to the Diocese of San Jose as the result of Pope Paul VI’s effort to promote the church’s collegiality, yet this biannual event has taken a sharp turn in recent years. In October of 2021, Pope Francis called for a “Synod on Synodality”—a Universal Synod that encourages and welcomes participation from all levels of the Catholic Church; rather than just the clergy, all Catholics can express their views on how the church operates, including Mitty students.
Art Credits: Chelsea Soriano

The Sound of Silence

For over thirty years, Mitty had not held a silent retreat. Until this year.
Madison Lin and Mia Evans April 23, 2022
Even on the bus ride back to Mitty, the seniors felt changed, as senior Asia Olmega Alvarado recollected, “I remember we were all talking again, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I love speaking. I love being around all these people who are similar-minded to me, faith-filled, and kind.’”
Art Credit: Erin Larmore.

How to Live With Minimal Waste on Campus

A guide to Mitty students which details the importance of living sustainably on campus and how to do so effectively.
Nora Lal and Davia Rode April 23, 2022
In order to better take care of the environment, students can take actions to live with minimal waste both inside and outside campus. These precautions can create a difference in bringing the community one step closer to a cleaner, safer world.
Art Credit: Erin Larmore

DEI: Inclusivity Campaign

An overview of the DEI Inclusivity Campaign and the circumstances that brought it to light.
Nathan Elias, Maya Smestad, and Alinna Villaroman February 19, 2022
“All I did was say, ‘Made in the image and likeness of God, what does it mean to you?’” DEI Director Mrs. Patsy Vargas explains. The Inclusivity Campaign, organized by the DEI Initiative, was an opportunity for students and faculty alike to consider the phrase which embodies Mitty’s Catholic identity. Among other aspects of the campaign, members of the Mitty Community created postcards to represent what the phrase meant to them.
Art Credit: Erin Larmore.

Mitty Returns to Campus Amidst Omicron Surge

A look into how Mitty used distance learning and expanded COVID-testing capabilities to handle the Omicron surge after Winter Break.
Mia Roxas and Dhwani Kharidia February 19, 2022
In light of the Omicron variant and growing COVID-19 cases, instead of a full in-person return to campus, students would spend their first week of the Spring Semester in distance learning. This decision was made after careful consideration by the COVID-19 Response Team, headed by Mr. Keith Mathews, associate principal.
Art Credit: Erin Larmore

Menstrual Hygiene is a Human Right. Period.

An overview of the Period Poverty Drive and the societal issues which it seeks to support.
Emily Vu and Mia Evans February 19, 2022
The stigma surrounding periods often leaves it ignored, or worse—mocked. In order to improve the lives of those suffering from period poverty and destigmatize this important issue, Mitty hosted a drive from February 1 to 11 to collect menstrual hygiene products and spread awareness.
An Accomodating Advocate on Campus

An Accomodating Advocate on Campus

A feature on the Academic Resource Coordination (ARC) program at Mitty.
Yixuan Qiao and Denny Lee February 19, 2022
Nestled within the 100 wing is the office of the Academic Resource Coordination (ARC) program, which strives to provide resources to students who have learning differences to help them succeed. The program grants various accommodations to these students, including extended time on tests and essays, use of audiobooks, access to spellcheck, calculators, and notes from class, and preferential classroom seating.
Humans of AMHS: Ivan Lin

Humans of AMHS: Ivan Lin

Humans of AMHS aims to showcase the individual stories within the Mitty community. Featured here is Ivan Lin, a member of the class of 2023.
Haeum Lee and Madison Lin February 17, 2022
It all began in sixth grade. Like most kids, I had a love for gaming, and I wanted to do more than just play other people’s games—I wanted to code my own game. The initial interest that aroused from my gaming experience led me to start a company by the end of my freshman year.
Joonbeom Heo is directing where he wants the shot to be taken with Danny Herz and Alexis Korb, while Kristina Bleszynski holds the camera. Photo Credit: Noele Louie

AMHS Live’s New Video Magazine

A feature on the developing AMHS Live video magazine and the new direction of the club.
Anik Chobe and Aidan Van Dalen February 17, 2022
The creative minds at AMHS Live are hard at work, looking to create the organization’s first news variety show. This student-driven project looks to move away from the program’s exclusive focus on live broadcasting, widening students’ horizons to all genres of video production.
Photo Credit: Irene Li

Behind the Scenes of Theatre’s Build Crew

A look into the contributions of the AMHS Build Crew.
Merisa Prisha Raj and Kazu Pang February 17, 2022
When you arrive at a theatrical production, you observe a few things: first and foremost, the actors and what they are wearing, then the sets, and finally, the background of sounds and lighting. Four out of those five elements are manipulated behind the scenes by a large group of dedicated students and directors that cooperate in an after school club called Build Crew.
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