The Monarch

Sean Yu at practice posing with his bow and arrow ready to hit the target

Humans of AMHS: Sean Yu

Sanaa Bakhru and Nora Lal October 18, 2022
Sean’s journey with archery in its competitive and non competitive forms.
The Habitat for Humanity Immersion Trip that will be reinstated this year.

Rebuilding the Immersion Program

Clara Schultz and Madison Lin October 18, 2022
The immersion program has undergone a few changes, including the return of their partnership with Habitat for Humanity and the retirement of the ECJ Appalachia and Urban Plunge trips.
Lights, Camera, Action: The Launch of Mittys New Video Production

Lights, Camera, Action: The Launch of Mitty’s New Video Production

Brandon Kang and Haeum Lee October 18, 2022
In the first few weeks of the new school year, members of the Mitty community noticed something new on the announcements: AMTV. The shows featured interviews, comedy, and game show segments.
Remembering Mrs. Slevin

Remembering Mrs. Slevin

Yixuan Qiao, Dhwani Kharidia, and Emily Vu October 18, 2022
As a teacher, Mrs. Slevin challenged her students to do their best, inspiring them to look beyond the class material.
Java and Jazz: Where Music and Coffee Go Together

Java and Jazz: Where Music and Coffee Go Together

Eesha Katta and Mia Evans October 18, 2022
Java and Jazz has made its return back to the Power Courtyard for a night filled with coffee, delicious deserts, and, of course, jazz.
Scatter Shows: Mittys Unconventional Marching Bands

Scatter Shows: Mitty’s Unconventional Marching Bands

Jonathan Chen and Anthony Edmonds October 18, 2022
Imagine watching a marching band that, in addition to simply playing, spreads onto the field into a display of shapes with themes and narration.
And The Walls Fall Down

And The Walls Fall Down

Kazu Pang and Emily Liu October 18, 2022
The Play That Goes Wrong starts with a seemingly stereotypical murder drama until nuts and bolts slip off door hinges, shelves and furniture shatter, and the walls collapse.
SASA’s vibrant board at the Club Faire depicts the   many valued aspects of South Asian culture.

Exploring New Cultures and Subjects at the Club Faire

Olivia Park and Raaghav Chakravarthy October 18, 2022
This year the the Club Faire, students had the opportunity to join a wide variety of newly founded clubs while being immersed in new cultures and exploring their favorite subjects.
A Campus Connected: Updates to Wi-Fi and the Tech Office

A Campus Connected: Updates to Wi-Fi and the Tech Office

Vincent Kwan and Matthew Jo October 18, 2022
Tucked away on the first floor of three hundred wing, Mitty’s Tech Office provides and protects the vital wireless services that power the school. Its staff have taken significant steps to promote security and usability, replacing the current Wi-Fi with a newer, more accessible system for students and faculty alike.
Photo courtesy of Now and Forever Studios

Archie the Lion: The Monarch Behind the Mask

Shefali Bharadwaj and Merisa Prisha Raj April 24, 2022
Though he only recently earned a name, Archie the Lion has always encapsulated the spirit of the Archbishop Mitty High School. Whenever there’s a large crowd, Archie is typically found cheering on the sidelines—but who is Archie, really?
Renovations to Campus

Renovations to Campus

Haeum Lee April 24, 2022
Members of the administration are dedicating their time and effort to making the campus more beautiful and convenient through both short-term and long-term projects.
Photo courtesy of Ms. Jamie Visser

Journeying Together at Mitty’s Listening Sessions

Anik Chobe and Brooke Hulbert April 24, 2022
The modern iteration of the Synod of Bishops was established in 1965 according to the Diocese of San Jose as the result of Pope Paul VI’s effort to promote the church’s collegiality, yet this biannual event has taken a sharp turn in recent years. In October of 2021, Pope Francis called for a “Synod on Synodality”—a Universal Synod that encourages and welcomes participation from all levels of the Catholic Church; rather than just the clergy, all Catholics can express their views on how the church operates, including Mitty students.
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