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Veronica Andrade: A Two-Way Street of Tutoring

Veronica Andrade: A Two-Way Street of Tutoring

Samarth Prajapati and Mia Chan May 1, 2023
I take them on a journey from the very first day in order to provide them with the resources they will need to have a solid foundation later in high school. Little did I know, our tutoring program would come to influence many lives, attracting new students to this day.
Leaving Their Legacies: The Athletic Hall of Fame

Leaving Their Legacies: The Athletic Hall of Fame

Olivia Park and Eesha Katta April 29, 2023
The past athletic successes of Archbishop Mitty High School encourage our current athletes to play and work even harder. AMHS makes sure to recognize these records both for the current students and also for the incredibly successful alumni athletes through a biennial ceremony known as the AMHS Hall of Fame.
Lights Out, Schools Out: More Power to Mitty

Lights Out, School’s Out: More Power to Mitty

Madison Lin and Benjamin Kang April 29, 2023
When the lights went dark around noon on Tuesday, March 14, a general state of confusion settled over much of Mitty—even in the cafeteria since none of the student lunch payments could be processed. Power outages are occasional, disruptive occurrences. However, this time, power wouldn’t be restored until more than a day later. 
Bringing the Past to Life: Costumes in The Music Man

Bringing the Past to Life: Costumes in The Music Man

Clara Schultz and Siddharth Belegere April 29, 2023
Amongst the many aspects of the performance that made it a success were the flamboyant costumes that gave the audience a window into the early 20th century of the United States.

Senior Reflections

Sanaa Bakhru and Emily Liu April 28, 2023
As the 2022-2023 school year comes to a close, Archbishop Mitty seniors take the time to reflect on their past years.
Mr. Beahm’s Paintings Around Campus

The Art of Mr. John Beahm: Making Mitty’s Walls Brighter Everyday

Emily Vu, Dhwani Kharidia, and Yixuan Qiao February 26, 2023
Today, Mr. Beahm's paintings have found homes throughout campus, from the DEI Office to the Library to the Science Tutorial Center. He has even donated paintings for bidding to Mitty’s auctions. “I would hope that in some small way, my paintings have brought an added visual warmth and enjoyment to their office space decor, and a curiosity and inquisitiveness to those who've encountered the paintings in common areas,” he says.
Cast of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

From the Cast: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

Samarth Prajapati and Brandon Kang February 17, 2023
A sold-out musical, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was also an emotional lesson, easily relatable to the high school audience and cast.
Stand Up Speak Up

Stand Up Speak Up

Nora Lal and Vincent Kwan February 17, 2023
With posters taped on campus walls and in classrooms and informative Mitty minutes, the Stand Up Speak Up campaign seeks to highlight macro aggressions and micro aggressions present in our daily lives.
Mahit Karadigudda: His Story of History

Mahit Karadigudda: His Story of History

Mia Evans and Raaghav Chakravarthy February 17, 2023
Quiz Bowl is an academic competition where teams of students battle each other on various topics. Three years ago, one boy’s quiz bowl journey began with his love for history and continues to this day. He is Mahit Karadigudda, a member of the class of 2025, and this is his story.
300 Wing Science Storage

The Backbone of In-Class Science Labs

Jonathan Chen, Yoonwon Jo, and Anthony Edmonds February 17, 2023
Before being integrated in classroom labs, scientific equipment and materials go through an extensive process involving many staff members in the science department and student teacher assistants.
Student-Led Holiday Posts

Student-Made Holiday Posts

Kevin Gao and Sanaa Bakhru February 17, 2023
Student-made holiday posts for the account have allowed them to showcase art pieces and messages celebrating the many holidays important to those in our campus community.
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