Featured Creative: Ryan Spence

Featured Creative: Ryan Spence

Ryan Spence ’24 shares the story of his iconic videography journey

How did you start videography/photography?

I have always had an eye for creative media and once I had finally bought a camera I could put my ideas to work. I was motivated to make creative media by my dad because he works in the industry. He creates storytelling videos for companies, so his experience in the industry inspired me to do it.


Where do you see your videography heading? Are there any new styles or subjects you want to explore?

I hope to do more storytelling and documentary-style videos with athletes. I see myself being a part of a college athletics media team or shooting professional athletes in the future.

Describe your style in 3 words

Hype, Cinematic, Professional

Are there any photographers or videographers who inspire you?

 Instagram influencers who work at big schools like the University of Georgia and USC inspire me to push my creativity.

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Favorite videography location(s)?

I do not have any specific locations that are my favorite; I just shoot wherever I go in California.

What gear do you use? 

I like to keep my gear confidential.

Favorite sport to shoot?

I love to shoot football: It is my favorite just because it is a great sport filled with action and emotion.


Favorite video/photo shoot experience?

One of my favorite experiences shooting was when I shot cars on Highway 9 with my camera hanging outside the back of a jeep.

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