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Spend An Evening with Silk Sonic

Spend An Evening with Silk Sonic

A review of An Evening With Silk Sonic, a new album featuring both Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.
Kriti Vamshidhar, Staff Writer December 11, 2021
With their incredible vocal chemistry, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have created an album that one can only describe as silky smooth. The nostalgia that accompanies their homage to 70's and 80's R&B, along with the spectacular vocals, writing, and production, has solidified An Evening With Silk Sonic as one of the best albums of this year.
Tiger Sugar: My Experience at a Youtube-Recommended Boba Shop

Tiger Sugar: My Experience at a Youtube-Recommended Boba Shop

A review of Tiger Sugar, a popular Bay Area boba stop
Clara Schultz, Staff Writer December 10, 2021
Like many teens, I’ve been a bubble tea enthusiast for a while now—my go-to being Teaspoon, a favorite of many Mitty students given its nearby location. But it wasn’t until Australian YouTube channel TwoSetViolin released a video back in April with a boba tier list that I realized I was missing out on a whole world of authentic bubble tea.
The Shifting Sands of Dune

The Shifting Sands of Dune

A review of Dune, a stunning sci-fi novel brought to life on the big screen
Andrew Park, Staff Writer December 9, 2021
The golden sands of a barren planet. A long, looming shadow over the desert. Countless spaceships huddled together. Hand-to-hand combat with blades. Eerie music, a star-studded cast, an ingenious logo, and IMAX visuals. Is this Star Wars? No, it’s Dune, an enthralling and mesmerizing introduction to a saga with great potential.
Hermione, Annabeth, and Female Characters Physical Appearances

Hermione, Annabeth, and Female Characters’ Physical Appearances

The negative impacts of changing female characters' appearances in book-to-movie adaptations
Isabella Canales, Staff Writer December 8, 2021
In changing some small details of female characters particularly, movie adaptations can take away an essential part of the character and their development, as well as diminish the uplifting effect that these features have on young impressionable audiences looking for someone like them.
Together Again (& Not for the First Time): Will Yeaman & the Stage

Together Again (& Not for the First Time): Will Yeaman & the Stage

Mitty’s Performing Arts wouldn’t shine without its stars. Will Yeaman shines bright.
Arabela Damarillo, Staff Writer December 8, 2021
Hammy, hilarious, and confident, the Mitty senior’s stage presence has been a staple of Mitty’s Performing Arts program for all four years of his high school career.
All Too Well (Ten Minute Version)(Taylor’s Version)(From the Vault): Long Song, Short Film

“All Too Well” (Ten Minute Version)(Taylor’s Version)(From the Vault): Long Song, Short Film

Exploring the short film based on the original version of one of Taylor Swift's most beloved songs
Ellie Fasoli, Staff Writer December 7, 2021
Surprises are nothing new with Taylor Swift, but after these past few months it's safe to say that she is definitely not your typical singer-songwriter. With the release of her second re-recorded album, Red (Taylor’s Version), Swift chose to take a fan favorite from the album, “All Too Well,” a step further, releasing the original, 10-minute version with its own short film.
Its Poppy Playtime!

It’s Poppy Playtime!

An examination of Poppy Playtime, a new puzzle-horror game known for its detail-oriented graphics.
Alessandra Chang, Staff Writer December 6, 2021
Poppy Playtime is a first-person puzzle-horror game developed by MOB Games, released on October 12, 2021. The game has taken over social media platforms recently as mainstream youtubers like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and CoryxKenshin post their enticing playthroughs of the indie game. Players interact as an ex-employee of Playtime Co., an abandoned toy factory haunted by a mysterious mass disappearance. So far, only the first chapter has been released and is playable. Even so, Poppy Playtime manages to captivate viewers through stunning visual graphics and innovative storytelling. 
Harry Styles: The Love on Tour Experience

Harry Styles: The Love on Tour Experience

An up-close and personal recap of the Love on Tour San Jose show
Nicole Hartman, Staff Writer December 5, 2021
After I see artists in concert, I always question whether I like them more or less after seeing them live. With Harry, it's undoubtedly obvious to anyone who was there that it's basically impossible to like Harry any less, and only possible to like him more. There was no better way to spend my night, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.
The Great British Rank-off

The Great British Rank-off

A short ranking of the 2021 Great British Bake Off contestants
Kaydence Liu, Staff Writer December 4, 2021
When time doesn’t feel real, you need structure in your life. For some, it’s having a daily routine, but for me, it’s knowing when Friday is because that’s when a new episode of Great British Bake Off is released. I mean what’s better than humor, sweet treats, and British accents? Not to mention the eccentric and unique characters that this year’s bakers are. It was extremely hard to pick favorites for who I want to win the competition. Nevertheless, here’s my ranking of this year’s Great British Bake Off contestants!
A Woman of Colors Relatable Insights in The Chair

A Woman of Color’s Relatable Insights in “The Chair”

Netflix's new series tells the story of an overworked woman of color struggling between conflicting loyalties
Stephanie Ahn, Staff Writer October 19, 2021
What makes The Chair so enticing is not just the laughable setting, but its ability to cover nuanced perspectives on relevant social issues, such as women of color’s voices, double standards, and cancel culture apologies.
Among Us, Twilight, and Cursed Meme Culture

Among Us, Twilight, and Cursed Meme Culture

Among Us meme culture...Sus or not?
Natalie Greene, Staff Writer October 18, 2021
Among Us exploded in popularity in the summer of 2020 and continued to climb for an extremely long time, despite endless predictions that it was about to lose popularity. And while yes, near the beginning of 2021, Among Us as a game was no longer as hyped, it did not fade away into obscurity like many other fad games did. No, instead Among Us morphed into its final form: a cursed meme culture.
Marvels Newest Releases: Shang-Chi and What If...?

Marvel’s Newest Releases: “Shang-Chi” and “What If…?”

Monarchs review Marvel's action-packed "Shang-Chi" and innovative "What If...?"
Aadhithan Arivalagan and Andrew Park October 17, 2021
Read two Monarchs' perspectives on Marvel's recent releases: "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and "What If...?"
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