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Metro Boomin’, Wrapped

Aarya Gupta ’27 highlights his top tracks of production duo Metro Boomin’s and Future’s latest album, “WE DONT TRUST YOU.”
Metro Boomin, Wrapped

Trap legend and super-producer Metro Boomin’ dropped not one but two albums embroiled in anticipation this past month. 2023 was an important year for production duo Metro and Future, with Metro dropping his critically acclaimed project “HEROES AND VILLAINS” and Future dropping “I NEVER LIKED YOU”, spawning the Grammy-winning “WAIT FOR U.” Both projects went #1 on the Billboard charts and dominated them for the majority of the year. On March 22, Metro and Future released the first project of their recent collaboration, titled “WE DON’T TRUST YOU,” a hard-hitting trap album with a polished “Mafia Boss” feeling. Here, are my top tracks.

#1: We Don’t Trust You

The title track and opening song on the album are unequivocally the best. Future has a stellar performance on this track. Entering soft, chills climb as the beat gradually heightens. Future even starts singing halfway through the track, and does so surprisingly well. Metro plays his part too. His constant beat changes make it more cinematic and orchestral as it progresses. The icing on the cake is when he remixes his classic producer tag. This track sets the tone for the album, but it is also the most replayable song on the album. Overall, this song highlights Metro and Future’s chemistry and underlines why they have been such a dynamic duo in rap for so long.

#2: Like That

This is the most iconic song on the album as of late with Kendrick Lamar making a surprise appearance and later dissing Drake and J. Cole. This song went #1 on Billboard and had record-breaking first-week streams for a rap song. One of the most notable parts of the song is the “Everlasting Bass” sample, which plays at the beginning of the track, courtesy of Metro. This is among the best on the album, but my gripe with it is Future’s performance. Future’s sound is a tad lazy on this track and he doesn’t do much besides the chorus. This song will be remembered for its beat and Kendrick’s verse, not Future’s feature, which is why I rate it #2.


Future has an insane flow on this trackmaybe the best on the album. “WTFYM” jumps out with a catchy hook that gets progressively more addictive. The structure of the song is also worth mentioning: Future doesn’t often have a pre-chorus on his songs, yet it works well here as the song leads into the hook.

#3: Type S***

Travis, Carti, and Future team up on this song to make a hard-hitting club banger. Metro uses church bells to make the main melody which sounds odd to the ear at first. Then, gradually, the rhythm fills up the song perfectly. Travis comes in on the second verse, where the beat switches to a slower, ascending synth progression as he floats over the beat. I like this song and would have rated it higher if Travis, Carti, or Future didn’t end every one of their sentences by saying “Type S***,” which heavily affects the replay value.

#4: Cinderella

“Cinderella” started out as a leak and slowly grew to one of the most anticipated songs on the album. It’s a chill song with Future and Travis both getting in their melodic bag, backed by their signature electronic-crooning style. An ethereal harp riff plays throughout the song, adding to the spacey vibe.  

#5:  Fried (She a Vibe)

This track fits in a pop-rap category. Future has a hard-hitting melodic flow for the first part of the chorus, later transitioning to a sing-songy flow towards the end. Future floats on the beat and the whole song emits a fun vibe from him.

#6: Everyday Hustle

Unexpected is the only word I can use to describe this track. Future raps over a beat inspired by the Chipmunks, soul music, and Kanye West while accompanied by Rick Ross. Metro shines through on production during this track by making three beat switches, flipping the same sample three times—along with his listeners’ expectations.

#7: Young Metro

One of the most well-produced tracks on the album, “Young Metro” features Mike Dean on his signature synths. The Weeknd also does some angelic backing vocals on this track, making it even more ethereal. The drums are also notably different for a trap song. Hi-hats playing in double time complement Future’s flow perfectly.

#8: Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana)

The first half of this song is genuinely average (mid, one might say). After the beat switch in the second half, though, every aspect of the track accelerates and Future launches into his best verse on the album with an insane flow.

#9: Running Out of Time

Future’s smooth singing chorus is followed by his signature rapping over a piano trap beat concludes my top tracks of “WE DON’T TRUST YOU.” 

This has been Metro Boomin’, Wrapped.