A Title for the Years: CalHiSports State School of the Century


Eric Brown

If there was any doubt that Mitty is one of the top athletic schools in the nation, one trip to see the banners hanging in Fien Gym would be enough to end that. In the last 21 years, the Monarchs have accumulated an impressive 10 national titles, 18 state titles, 31 NorCal titles, and 104 CCS titles throughout all sports programs at AMHS.

To go along with that incredible track record, CalHiSports recently named AMHS the “State School of the Century.” CalHiSports has developed a points system to rank the several California high schools based on divisional titles and State School of the Year titles—Mitty leads the pack with 29 points. In CalHiSports’ announcement, Mitty was recognized for its strong history and success in women’s sports as it has been named the top school in the state for girls sports ten times. 

One of the many factors influencing the many great seasons at AMHS is the strong sense of community and school spirit. As former alumna and head women’s varsity basketball coach, Sue Phillips put it, “I love coaching quality individuals that come from great families and the community feel amongst coaches and fellow athletes.”

To put it simply, no school does it quite like Mitty. Our tradition of excellence and high standards in all fields of work has made Mitty into a powerhouse for men’s and women’s sports across the state.