In the Larger Community

September 30, 2020

Beyond Mitty, MAP is also looking to generate greater local community involvement, for example in Santa Clara County. An example of how MAP is trying to go about this is by planning town halls with local representatives to discuss crucial issues.

MAP Farmworkers Reality Tour 2019
Farmworkers Reality events, such as those shown above, are unlikely in a coronavirus-impacted world. (MAP Photographer)

As for trips with a more immersion-like experience, such as the Farmworker Reality Tour where MAP members meet and listen to the stories of undocumented migrant farmworkers in Watsonville or Delancey Street to see rehabilitative justice in action for ex-convicts, MAP Co-President Connor explains, “[We can] leverage Zoom for at least the legislative components, but those different trips, I don’t think there’s a real substitute for in this context, unfortunately.” Quite plainly, some events are inevitably cut down by this current situation, and that is out of our control. However, MAP is trying to make other opportunities available, possibly including socially distanced events at AMHS on campus.

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