Veronica Andrade: A Two-Way Street of Tutoring

Humans of AMHS shares the individual stories within the Mitty community in the student’s own voice. Featured here is Veronica Andrade, a member of the class of 2023.


Samarth Prajapati and Mia Chan

What started as a simple activity to put some flair on my college application turned into a much more personal endeavor to help students succeed. My friends and I realized that teachers were too stressed with the workload that came with the pandemic, so we started a business with the idea to tutor kids in various subjects. I take them on a journey from the very first day in order to provide them with the resources they will need to have a solid foundation later in high school. Little did I know, our tutoring program would come to influence many lives, attracting new students to this day.

The idea was ambitious. I had never done such a large-scale project and the process was lengthy and tiring. The program started with the core subjects: math, science, English. The first step was the clerical work: learning the basics of starting a business and establishing the specifics of the program such as the age range offered and its overall flexibility. But this wasn’t even the most difficult part. One of the biggest challenges our program faced was finding experienced volunteers. There were a lot of factors to consider, including time commitment, GPA, and skills with children. My tutoring business began with only three permanent volunteers, but we managed to make it work. After that opening year, we accumulated seven more permanent tutors, and the number of personnel has climbed ever since. Starting the business was a challenge, but once I got it up and running, the personal experiences I shared with my students made it all worth it.

One student in particular stood out to me. Seventh-grader Paris was my first main full-time student, and I taught her pre-algebra and algebra every day for almost three years. She was struggling in math, which came easily to me. At times, I started losing patience trying to tell her how to combine like terms six times in an hour. However, Paris never cut corners and instead came in with the clear goal of trying to understand math a little better. One time, she burst into her tutoring session with a glowing smile because she had aced an important test. I even helped write her high school application. Through these experiences, I saw a young woman grow into herself, find this confidence she could rely on, and realize that if she worked hard, she could do anything. Furthermore, this showed me that this tutoring business is not about me, but about her and what I could do for her. I had an epiphany. From then onwards, whenever I felt unmotivated or tired because of a five-page essay due the next day, I would remind myself of Paris’s determination and learn to power through whatever obstacles I faced. 

After three years of nonstop tutoring, what motivates me is working with the kids and pridefully witnessing them progress from kindergarten to high school . My business has had an outstanding impact on the community. It has not only helped me to bond with my fellow staff and friends, but also to form important relationships with students. It is not a one-way street. Sometimes, the children themselves have a greater lesson in store for me, and this quality has made me love this program so much.

Veronica Tutoring A Student Over Zoom