Leaving Their Legacies: The Athletic Hall of Fame

A history of Mitty’s celebration of alumni athletes.


Olivia Park and Eesha Katta

Inspiration. Legacies left behind for us. The past athletic successes of Archbishop Mitty High School encourage our current athletes to play and work even harder. AMHS makes sure to recognize these records both for the current students and also for the incredibly successful alumni athletes through a biennial ceremony known as the AMHS Hall of Fame. This ceremony was first created in 1998 by Mr. Keith Mathews to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals and teams who have had a lasting impact on the AMHS athletic experience. In recent years, several more celebrated athletes have made it onto the Hall of Fame, and Mitty’s prestigious athletic program will continue to train passion-driven and hardworking Monarchs.

According to Director of Athletics Mr. Brian Eagleson, the process of choosing athletes is relatively simple: Coaches, as well as various members of the Athletic Hall of Fame, are allowed to nominate individuals they would like to formally recognize. The slate of nominees are then voted upon by all present coaches and members of the hall.  The results of that vote are provided to the school’s administration, who, on the basis of the vote, determines which nominees will be inducted. It is a requirement that the nominees to the Hall of Fame must have graduated five years before qualifying for commemoration. Over the years, many remarkable athletes have been recognized for their incredible accomplishments. These hall of famers serve as role models for current athletes.

Recent inductee Kelli Hayes (’14) was described by Women’s Basketball Coach Ms. Phillips as an athlete with “accomplishments…nothing short of extraordinary.” Hayes was named CCS player of the year three times, becoming one of Mitty’s top all-time scorers with 1,860 points, and receiving a full basketball scholarship to UCLA. And Kelli was not only a winner on the court, but also a winner throughout the Mitty community. Coach Phillips recounts Kelli’s “infectious smile and upbeat personality” as “a blessing to our AMHS community,” leading her to become a summer camp favorite. She was affectionately dubbed “giraffe” by the young campers, and it was a regular occurrence for them to line up for a picture or autograph with her after basketball games. Kelli Hayes was a star athlete, but her love towards her fellow peers made her the role model she has become today for numerous other aspiring athletes.

This year’s ceremony was held on Saturday, February 4 in the Aymar Event Center, reminding us that even in the present time, it is important to cherish our school’s past. As Mr. Eagleson says, “Each inductee is a great representative of what Mitty stands for today. They’re hard workers and are currently very successful in the athletic field. I think it’s important to honor the traditions of our past.”