Ted Lasso: A Series Sensation

Why Ted Lasso is the perfect watch for soccer fans, SNL viewers, and the whole family


After the rush of the World Cup in December, we were all left wanting more of the rush that soccer—or, in this case, “football” brought us. Whether you’ve heard about it from almost every religion teacher at Mitty or SNL, Ted Lasso is bound to satiate your desire for football. Ted Lasso began streaming again in mid-March, finally giving fans a long awaited third season. The show’s fans are just as intense as British football fans, and rightfully so. Ted Lasso appeals to one of the widest range of audiences I have ever seen— from football fans to Saturday Night Live fans, which spreads its impactful message to  people across various demographics. 

In fact, even Ted Lasso the character was designed to bring different audiences together; in 2013, actor and comedian Jason Sudekis was invited to participate in a comedy skit on NBC to promote a US audience for the Premier League. The huge success of the skit caused a sequel to be released the next year; eventually, the overwhelming success of these skits convinced show runners to create the very show we all know and love today. Just like the simple sketches, audience members from all backgrounds fell in love with the show, making it one of the most highly regarded shows in this current age, winning many awards

Apple TV+’s  mission is to only bring original, unique, and quality shows to the table and Ted Lasso does just that. It is one of the very few shows whose comedy revolves around kindness. It manages to stay relevant (but not cringey) because of its wholesome jokes, and yet it maintains a mature perspective; in other words, Ted Lasso is a children’s show for adults.

The balance that must be found in creating  justifiable innate goodness in a written character is hard to find in mature comedies, but Ted Lasso does it perfectly. 

The show exaggerates the infliction of kindness so much so that any influence the show has on the audience is profound. It moves away from the dramatic and violent themes on television that have become widely popularized and instead creates its own genre of television—one that is solely positive. Specifically, an original aspect of the show is Ted Lasso himself and his ability to be so profoundly innocent and yet realistic. It is impossible not to want to model yourself after him and the energy he puts in the people around him.

Finding this balance couldn’t have been easy for the writers; if Ted’s positivity was more over-the-top and unrealistic, then he would feel out of reach to the audience as well as, I’m sure, be pretty annoying. The balance that must be found in creating  justifiable innate goodness in a written character is hard to find in mature comedies, but Ted Lasso does it perfectly. 

The dopamine boost given to any viewer by this show is unmatched. With new episodes out every Tuesday, I am excited to see where the writers take the villains and how they transform them, as well as how they develop their well crafted and well written characters. Whether you are looking for a simple casual viewing show, or one to watch with your whole family without worrying about violence or graphic content, Ted Lasso is perfect for any person and any occasion!