And the Golden Globe for Best Dressed Goes to…

Kaydence Liu ’24 recaps the best of this year’s Golden Globe Awards

And the Golden Globe for Best Dressed Goes to…

     The first major award show of the year was definitely a success, at least on the red carpet. With dozens of jaw-dropping outfits and many stars attending, the 80th annual Golden Globes really shone bright. But since many magazines have been putting utterly hideous outfits on their best-dressed lists (e.g. Margot Robbie in anything Chanel), who will actually give their honest opinion? Luckily, I happen to be extremely qualified to review fashion (I spend my free time scrolling on Pinterest). So now that you know my credentials, here are my favorite looks of the night!

Actress Jenna Ortega, who recently rose to fame for her titular role in the Netflix series “Wednesday”

     Jenna Ortega looked ethereal at the 2023 Golden Globes. The pleats and draping of the dress made Ortega look like a Greek Goddess—that much undeniable. But the excess fabric at the bottom of the dress swallowed her in an unflattering way. I mean, the most important rule in fashion is to never let the dress wear you, and she broke it. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Jenna Ortega and I love the dress, but together, Jenna and the dress were overpowering, both vying for the spotlight and neither winning the leading role.


Actress Jessica Chastain (The Good Nurse, Interstellar)

This dress is exactly how I imagined a bejeweled spider web to be—and I love it. My only aversion is the inner lining of the dress being far too stiff. I hate how visible it is because it takes away from the elegance of the gown. But everything else about this dress is stunning, from the structure and fit of the dress to the shape and size of each individual crystal. I even appreciate how she kept the jewelry minimal and just let the dress shine on its own as it is sparkly enough to make the whole place shimmer. I mean, a diamond’s gotta shine!

Actor Tyler James Williams (Abbott Elementary, the Walking Dead)

It’s happening. We are finally seeing something other than plain black tuxes on the red carpet, and, hopefully, it’s here to stay. It was hard to only pick two men’s looks this year, but Tyler James Williams’s Amiri suit caught my eye. I love the way the fabric is soft and flowy, contrasting the harsh lines of a traditional suit. Conversely, I don’t love the tie-dye effect on the fabric, but the subtle pinstripes are the redeeming factor for me. They tie William’s modern look back to classic, traditional menswear.

Actor Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, Eternals)

If there is anything I love about men’s fashion, it is double-breasted blazers. If it’s cropped, even better. So luckily for Keoghan, I’m all for his double-breasted cropped blazer! I love the baby blue color on him too because it perfectly complements the color of his eyes, making him stand out even more on the red carpet. However, his shoes are an absolute atrocity and an eyesore against this outfit. The black shoes clash with the brightness of the blue suit, making his outfit seem uncoordinated.

If the 2023 Golden Globes is any indication of the progression in red carpet fashion, then I’m excited to see what the rest of the year will bring in. But I can only hope that more celebrities will be more willing to take risks, because only time will tell whether these icons will don fashion-forward styles or revert back to traditional ones.