Photojournalism: Capturing California’s Recent Floods

Erin Chung 23’ writes about photojournalism and the recent California floods.

In the past month, California has experienced heavy rainfall which has caused widespread damage across the state. And in the midst of the severe flooding, photojournalism has been used to help shed light on the situation.

But what is photojournalism? It is the use of photos to tell a story. It has been an essential tool in documenting current events of our world, especially in times of natural disaster. The recent California flooding is no exception, as photojournalists have been working to capture the impact of the floods on the local community.

CNN photographs a damaged road in Scotts Valley.

The images captured by photojournalists serve as an eye opening glimpse into the environments affected by the disaster. For instance, this photo from CNN’s flood photo gallery displays road damage in Scotts Valley which occurred on January 9th. This image has helped bring attention to the crisis while also displaying the possible danger of driving through areas affected by the floods.

Furthermore, ABC News provides a more human centric glimpse into the recent floods; this photo shows a family checking out of a hotel in San Diego, weaving through the muddy waters in an attempt to stay dry. The image provides a raw, unfiltered look into the impact of the rainfall crisis, and it also provides an emotional component into this news story.

However, it is important to recognize that photojournalism can have its own challenges, especially in times of human suffering. These photographers must navigate through dangerous conditions to capture images and tell a story, putting themselves in harm’s way to provide an accurate representation of the recent floods. Additionally, it is important to consider the possible ethical issues of capturing and publishing these images; some readers question whether the privacy and dignity of the rainfall’s victims are being protected. 

ABC News photographs a family navigating the muddy waters of San Diego.

Overall, photography is a critical tool in documenting the current events of our world. The images provided by photojournalism provide a visual representation of the recent California flooding, while also raising awareness. Despite the challenges, photojournalists play a vital role in educating the public on recent events, ensuring that the reality of natural disasters are captured one photo at a time.