Karly Richman ‘23
Karly Richman ‘23

Featured Creative: Karly Richman

Karly Richman '23 shares the story of her photography journey.

February 27, 2023

1. How did you start photography?

Karly Richman ‘23

I’m not quite sure what sparked my interest in photography initially. I always liked looking at cool, professional photography work. I would just start taking photos of the world around me, and over time it developed into a fun pastime and creative outlet.

It turned into a new way of looking at the world and caused me to get more creative. Photography turned into a way for me to look at things from a different angle and perspective, while also being a way to immortalize and capture meaningful moments.

Now, I photograph for fun with my friends, when I go to cool locations, or when I’m just randomly inspired. I also am able to carry out this hobby through taking pictures for my mom’s work and through working on the Mitty Yearbook.

2. What gear do you use?

Karly Richman ‘23

My go-to is my Nikon D3400 camera. If not that, then I just typically use my phone. Occasionally I will use a polaroid or disposable camera, but for the most part I reach for my camera and phone.

3. Where do you see your photography heading? Are there any new styles or subjects you want to explore?

I hope to become more active and really explore this interest of mine. I hope to step up my photography game and implement it more into my life. Moving forward, I would like to experiment more with color and also capture more candid, authentic moments. I would love to grow my photoshop skills with cool editing designs, while continuing my style of candid, action and landscape photography. I hope to use photography as a motivation to get out to try new things and explore new places. I aspire to create more visually, aesthetically pleasing photographs and to make images that make people think and ask questions.

Karly Richman ‘23

4. Describe your photographic style in 3 words.

Candid, Genuine, Fun

5. Are there any photographers or videographers that inspire you?

I am constantly inspired by great photography work. Some photographers that have inspired me include: Ansel Adams, Brandon Woelfel, Annie Leibovitz, Simone Bramante and many more. I am also very much inspired by travel photography and National Geographic. One of the most impactful and thought provoking, (while also heart-wrenching and intense) was some photography I saw in museums in D.C., such as the Newseuem’s Pulitzer Prize photo gallery. One of my main sources of inspiration is Pinterest. There is a lot of photography inspiration and ideas created on the app, and I constantly use it as a tool to inspire me and my photography work.

Karly Richman ‘23

6. Favorite photography location?

Don’t have one. More spontaneous in the moment inspiration or inspiration from the place itself.

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