Blessed Beginnings: A Glimpse Into Mitty’s Morning Prayers

Every morning, as students settle down in their seats or rush across campus to their classrooms, the sound of music over the PA system halts their hustle and bustle. People all over campus stop whatever they are doing and listen in silence as a student reads a prayer aloud, returning to their activities only after the final word is spoken.

Morning prayers began in the fall of 2017. Ms. Murdock, a member of the campus ministry staff, explains their origin, saying the goal was to “incorporate spirituality more into everyday lives of students.”

The prayers are a collaboration among many people both inside and outside of the campus ministry building. First, a member of the department—Mr. Marheineke, Ms. Visser, Ms. Wyman, Ms. Eckman, or Mr. Kroenung—composes the prayer itself. From there, students are invited to read these prayers aloud and record them to be broadcasted. While those in Life Corps usually do this, anyone can offer to help. Ms. Murdock also asks people who are in the campus ministry office to record. From there, Ms. Murdock edits the clips, adds the musical introduction, then uploads them to a file so that Mrs. Roberts can air them for the school to hear.

The schedule for Mitty morning prayers is determined long before they are presented, and Campus Ministry staff sometimes produces recordings weeks in advance. In addition to weekly themes—Mondays are meditations, Thursdays are traditional Catholic prayer, and Fridays are about the upcoming Sunday gospel—planners schedule readings built around the community and culture, such as prayers in different languages or centered on certain holidays such as Diwali and Día de los Muertos.

Brendan Caradonna, a member of Life Corps, says, “It’s meant to be community building, so that people read prayers off to one another, instead of just having an intercom, it’s better that the community is spreading God’s message.”

Students and staff in Campus Ministry work hard to produce a prayer each morning to bring some peace and inspiration to the daily lives of students. As Ms. Murdock tells, “It’s another moment to take a breather as you begin the school day and take a moment to just center yourselves before you begin. I know a lot of Mitty students have very hectic schedules, but hopefully, it’s a nice reminder to take time for yourself and your spiritual journey, whatever that might look like for you.”