A Campus Connected: Updates to Wi-Fi and the Tech Office

The hidden benefits behind Mitty’s internet upgrade

Tucked away on the first floor of three hundred wing, Mitty’s Tech Office provides and protects the vital wireless services that power the school. Its staff have taken significant steps to promote security and usability, replacing the current Wi-Fi with a newer, more accessible system for students and faculty alike.

Earlier this semester, Mitty students received an email about the Wi-Fi’s imminent adjustment. Mr. Eric Anderson, the chief information officer at Mitty, emphasizes the benefits behind the change. This monumental step forward “was something that we had intended to do many many years ago, even before COVID. And when all that happened, we just delayed the project.” The most important improvement is to security. Before the upgrade, any outsider could join the network as long as they knew the permanent password. Now, students, parents, and staff members log in using their personal credentials. The requirement of individual emails and passwords strengthens security, as it only allows access to authorized individuals.

However, students can still use private devices to increase productivity. With the new process in place, all machines can access the internet through one streamlined login. They need not ask the Tech Office for a cumbersome password. Such a change might raise concerns about obstacles to internet connectivity, but Mr. Anderson assures that “this is the right way to set up a network in order to ensure the safety of your device and all devices.” He compares this Wi-Fi system to those in the workplace, arguing that it is an introduction to industry standards.

Back this year is the school’s Tech Team, which provides an invaluable service for troubleshooting electronic problems. Experience in IT support allows students to learn the intricacies of the technology they rely on every day. According to sophomore Haeum Lee, working as part of this organization is “a cool and fun experience,” allowing one to develop technological skills and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others. In the words of Mr. Anderson, “as long as a student is willing to help out, learn, solve problems, and work with others,” they are a perfect fit for the Tech Team.

With a sense of normalcy returning to our campus, Mr. Anderson hopes that upgrading our campus’s Wi-Fi is the first of a series of improvements to technological services and a better learning environment for all.