Exploring New Cultures and Subjects at the Club Faire

Take a peak into the motivations of the founders of new clubs on campus


SASA’s vibrant board at the Club Faire depicts the many valued aspects of South Asian culture.

At Mitty’s annual Club Faire, students recruit members to a variety of groups, offering their peers a community through which they can bond over shared interests. This year, at the Faire, students had the opportunity to join an even wider range of clubs due to the establishment of many new clubs such as South Asian Student association, Chemistry Club, and Geography Club. 

The South Asian Student Association (SASA) is one such entry to the club scene. Its leaders, seniors Maria George, Arvind Sthanukrishnan, Matthew Maranowski, Amara Fernandez, and Anya Danes, hoped to initiate a “club where South Asians could share their culture and share their experiences for anyone who’s interested in learning about South Asian culture.” As freshmen, these five students were members of SASA’s original incarnation, but at the start of their sophomore year—and the COVID-19 pandemic—the club fell apart. Fond memories and fun experiences inspired them to revitalize it alongside the rest of Mitty’s return to normalcy.

Follow your passion and to just go for it.”

— Rayan Das, Class of 2024

Their journey was, however, not without hardship, the first of which was the search for a club moderator. They explained how a lot of teachers were new and still starting out, and others already had clubs they were moderating, nobody agreed to moderate at first. They finally secured the help of the club’s current moderator, Ms. Mathew, and the initiative became successful. To expand their membership, Maria, Arvind, Matthew, Amara, and Anya promote club activities through Mitty minutes and reach out to friends who might be interested in joining. Ultimately, their goal is for members “to be open about and freely express their culture and how it has come to shape them.” As a club that fosters representation of South Asia’s diverse peoples, SASA encourages students to be a part of the community while sharing their distinct experiences.

Joining SASA from the other side of the Club Faire were Chemistry Club and Geography Club. Chemistry Club founder, sophomore Sebby Leung, says, “I have taken an interest in Chemistry starting freshman year, and I wanted to be more involved with the school and the people who share my interest.” Chemistry Club provides themed games and guest speakers, along with a chance to take part in the United States National Chemistry Olympiad. Sebby, as well as junior Rayan Das, founder of the geography club, has advice for students looking to form a club: “Follow your passion and to just go for it.” Rayan, whose passion for geography precedes his enrollment at Mitty, sacrificed his dreams to the pandemic. After months of lockdowns—he and cofounder Steven Wang have started the Geography Club. They aim to teach geography as more than map facts: as a way of thinking, a way of observing and analyzing our surroundings. The club hosts GeoGuesser Games and trains members for the International Geography Bee. Monarchs interested in Chemistry, Geography, or any new clubs from Club Faire should keep their eyes and ears open for posters and Mitty Minutes. Fun, games, and snacks await.