Archie the Lion: The Monarch Behind the Mask

An interview with the mascot of AMHS, Archie the Lion.


Photo courtesy of Now and Forever Studios

“We had the mascot before the 2008-2009 school year, but it wasn’t until that year that the mascot officially got a name,” says Director of Student Activities Mr. Greg Walker about Mitty’s school mascot, Archie the Lion. “To that extent, we had come up with a couple of names for students to vote on … Of all the names that were suggested, the one that received the most votes was Archie.” 

Archie the Lion has always encapsulated the spirit of the Archbishop Mitty High School. Whenever there’s a large crowd, Archie is typically found cheering on the sidelines—but who is Archie, really?  As Mr. Walker describes, Archie is someone who has “the willingness … to be engaging, to be enthusiastic, to run with the flag when we score a touchdown, to do push ups, to playfully go along with dancing when a song comes on, taking pictures—all those types of things.” To get a better understanding of the Monarch behind the mask, we spoke with Archie the Lion himself:

What events have you attended this year? Which have been your favorite?

I have attended football games, basketball games, and, most importantly, Monarch Madness! My favorite events are those with which our student body is so excited and pumped to watch our student athletes go out on the field and cheer them on! I love being there to help cheer on our athletes as well! Although I have to say that my favorite event is Monarch Madness because, despite being divided by class color, it is at the end of the event that we all realize how important it is for the Mitty community to come together and to remind ourselves what makes us true Mitty Monarchs.

What are some challenges you have experienced as Archie?

Being Archie can be difficult because there are many parts of who Archie should be. I have to put on my jersey and the pants; the pants are the hardest because they have to fit through my tail, which can be difficult. I also have a big head, making it hard to look down or look around because it means I have to move my whole head to see!

What is the best part of being Archie? What does it mean to you to be the mascot of our school?

I love being Archie because I am reminded of how our school mascot brings school pride and how proud I am that our community is so supportive of one another by the great number of students who join the PIT and show up to sporting events. I believe Archie spreads kindness and support for others because he constantly is smiling. While that is part of the costume, it still shows that Mitty’s message that we are all made in the image and likeness of God is ever-present because of the joy Archie demonstrates. As Archie, I see how during our large school events come together and how our school spirit is unparalleled.

Any final comments?

No one knows, nor will they ever know, who Archie is because it is about the magic of knowing how important it is for our school community to celebrate with Archie at events.