Men’s Lacrosse: The Underdogs

The men’s lacrosse team has their eyes on the win, and work tirelessly to achieve their goals.


Zain Aslam, Staff Writer

Often times the lacrosse teams at Mitty are overshadowed by other sports, but it doesn’t change the fact that these Monarchs carry the same Monarch Mentality as everyone else: to bring as much energy and effort whenever they are on the field. 

With eyes on the results, the team focuses on getting better everyday as they diligently practice each day at Mise Park, fighting to secure they’re next victory. Sophomore Kai Riewe states, “our practices usually consist of doing drills and skills work that will come in handy during our games.” They believe that working hard to get results in games is what will help build their reputation as a dominant force. 

But pure skill work isn’t everything, as they also believe their “tight knit bonds and teamwork” will be able to secure them more victories and through their hard work and dedication to lacrosse. They’re a devoted group, and their working their hardest to show it on the field. 

Currently the Men’s Lacrosse team has 8 wins and 7 losses. With the recent upset against St. Francis and blowout wins against teams such as Palo Alto, the team is going into the last games hot. With playoffs steadily approaching, the senior lacrosse players Jason Malley, Zach Valdez, Declan MacLean, and Alex Barber are actively leading and helping the team in any way they can to make it as far as they can this season.