Men’s Soccer: Keeping Up With Traditions

From the universal tradition of “quiet on Mitty Way” to living by the word “PONO,” explore the variety of traditions the men’s soccer program has.


Anusha Chadalavada, Staff Writer

Ending last season short due to Covid protocols, Men’s Soccer is finally getting the full season they deserve. While players are being filtered in and out of the program, some graduating, while others newly joining, one thing that remains constant is the traditions and attitudes practiced by the team.

Traditions practiced by the team include listening to music on bus rides and living by PONO. A Hawaiian word meaning righteousness, also standing for pride, optimism, nobility and ohana (Hawaiian for extended family). Since the team spends nearly every day together practicing and playing games, feeling like a family is especially important. Traditions like these cultivate an environment where players can thrive on and off the field allowing them to work together at their full potential.

While the team does have many traditions, one of the most important is “Quiet On Mitty Way.” Athletes on the bus sit in silence during their ride to games on Mitty Way, allowing them to reflect and meditate before and after their games. Senior Mateo Cauchi explains, “I’ve found the best strategy before games is to not think about the game, which allows me to play off instincts instead of constantly thinking about the next move.” By doing this, Mateo is able to play at his best and keep his cool, allowing him to keep his head in the game and not be pressured by nerves.

Not only does the men’s soccer team have great traditions to help them balance between having fun and working hard, they also have great athletes that help each other out by giving each other constructive criticism and lifting each other up. 

So far, the Men’s Soccer team has only played two games, winning both comfortably and setting the team up for future success. The boys are already talking about playing and beating past rivals, and their season has started off on a high note. By practicing traditions and maintaining team chemistry and unity, win or lose, Men’s Soccer has a great season to be looking forward to.