Enya Liu
Enya Liu

Enya Liu’s Photography Journey

December 5, 2021

Enya Liu’s photography journey started impulsively, matching the spontaneity of her work. In 5th grade, she took a trip with her family to Hong Kong, where boredom and the lack of WiFi led to her discovery of photo editing on the family iPad.

Enya Liu ’23

One thing led to another, culminating in Enya’s current talent with a camera—actually, an iPhone 12 for convenience. However, the passion she has for photography still remains the same from 6 years ago.

Enya describes, “I’m not that good of an artist, so photography provides a creative outlet where I can turn my imagination into a reality and show the colors of my mind. I like photography because I can capture the beauty of nature and the world around me, so I can let other people see the beauty that I perceive.”

Besides nature, some features Enya likes to share with the following on her Instagram photography account (@and._.yeah) include people with their backs to the camera, natural lighting, and dewdrops on blades of grass after it rains. However, sometimes pictures do not turn out as desired.

Enya recalls one such instance: “Once, I was taking pictures of dewdrops, and I was wrestling with the camera for 10 minutes to get the autofocus to work, but it still didn’t focus! I had to sharpen the image afterwards.”

Enya Liu ’23

Despite the struggle, the experience allowed Enya the opportunity to showcase her editing skills through the iPhone applications Lightroom, Instagram, and the Photos app.

When she’s not behind the camera, Enya admires macro photography—because of the difficulty of capturing subjects up close and portraits—because of how professional photographers know how to pose people and still hit the marks of composition and lighting.

Enya continues to draw inspiration from professional photographers, continuously working to improve her own skills.


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