Men’s Water Polo: Making Their Mark

The men’s water polo team thrives off hard work and the brotherhood that connects them.


The Mitty Men’s Water Polo Team—7-8 overall and 1-4 in WCAL—makes it their duty to support each other no matter what. Senior Josh Tucker states, “We pride each other on friendships and we all hangout together at school.” Tucker elaborates, “We create a relaxed environment so others are not nervous when making mistakes, we have established a brotherhood where we don’t want to let each other down.” The team acknowledges that they may make mistakes, but they focus on improving instead of bringing each other down.

After a loss the team makes it a priority to come back stronger. Instead of dwelling on the past, they encourage and inspire each other to work harder and play better the next game. Tucker continues, “we all have the drive to push each other and come back out next time with a feeling of revenge and prove that next time we can win and that we are the better team.” The positivity and brotherhood surrounding Mitty’s water polo team creates the strong team that they are.

The team is optimistic as the season continues and they continue to strive to make their mark.