Building Healthy Relationships

Building Healthy Relationships

The four years that constitute high school are some of the most transformative of one’s life, and as students are thrown into a myriad of new and changing relationships, a common question often arises: how do I avoid hurting someone or getting hurt while navigating this web of connections? On Tuesday, January 14, Mitty explored this idea by hosting an after-school workshop about healthy relationships.

As the organizers of this event, Mitty alumni Ali Bell and Colin Hastings explain, “We [wanted] this presentation [to] serve as a foundation for creating a space to openly discuss healthy relationships on the Mitty campus. Since many high schoolers have their first dating experience in high school, we hope to educate Mitty students to look out for their peers, seek help when needed, and promote a [caring] culture.” 

Ali and Colin’s passion for this subject was kindled at their college, University of San Diego. There, both learned about OneLove—a national organization formed in honor of University of Virginia student Yeardley Love, who was tragically assaulted and killed by her boyfriend. Motivated by this story, they decided to join the OneLove chapter on campus and complete an online training to become OneLove Facilitators.

As they searched for opportunities to share their message, Ali and Colin were reminded of the open and loving community they found in Mitty’s Campus Ministry, leading them to bring a OneLove workshop back to the campus that had formed them. The January 14 presentation consisted of videos and discussion questions provided by OneLove, as well as Ali and Colin’s insight into how to effectively build relationships and respond to the unhealthy ones affecting students and those around them.

In the eyes of Campus Ministry Director Mr. Wesmiller, their efforts more than paid off. He says he was thrilled with how the presentation helped students learn to be “the best version of [themselves] and not … sacrifice… their best judgment and compromise who they are, suffering because of [hurtful] relationships.” 

Both Ali and Colin hope that their event will bear fruit at Mitty: “One of our goals when facilitating this presentation was to spread the message of healthy relationships to Mitty. We are hoping this may inspire students to begin a OneLove chapter at Mitty, and we’re always open to talking to Mitty students about how they can pursue that. Most of all, we hope that this talk has helped educate students on how to identify unhealthy relationship traits and empower them to stand up for themselves and others.”