Featured Creative: Aidan Zhang

February 14, 2021

Why are you drawn to/passionate about photography?

I first started to like photography when I saw some really cool photos by Jordan Matter, who photographs dancers and records YouTube challenges where he tries to take as many photos of a model in ten minutes. I thought it was fun and creative and decided to give photography a try; I kept taking photos on my dad’s phone until I got my first camera, which is when I got really into photography. I like photography because it allows me to see things from a different perspective and show the world from my point of view; it’s a safe field with a wide variety of things you can do.

What gear (including lenses) do you use?

I use a wide variety of camera equipment and the things I need for what I want to capture. If the weather isn’t windy (it usually is where I live), I bring out my DJI drone and capture a few aerial photos and videos. If it is windy, I use my Sony a7III camera with my FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS lens; this lens range usually covers what I want to shoot. In other cases where I can’t carry my heavy gear, I use my phone or my dad’s phone (iPhone 11 and Huawei P30 Pro).

What editing software do you use?

I edit the majority of my photos on Adobe Lightroom. Before switching to Lightroom, I used a rookie editing app called Pomelo, which is a free social media filter/editor. I also used the mobile app Adobe Photoshop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker; that app gives a sense of what Adobe Photoshop is like.

Describe your style in three words.

Creative, moody, mysterious.

Favorite subject to shoot?

My favorite subject to shoot is any surrounding object; I like to take ordinary objects and turn them into something you would not expect. For example, I could photograph a slinky and turn it into a circle of color surrounding my photography subject just by holding it near the camera. Some objects are harder to draw inspiration from, but I like the challenge.

Which photographers/creators do you look up to and why?

I look up to Brandon Woelfel, a very talented photographer who gives many tips. He opened my eyes up to portrait photography, which I’m currently focusing on. Another photographer I look up to is Jordi Koalitic, who uses his creativity to produce Photoshop-esque photos without actually using Photoshop. He uses everyday objects and crafts them into innovative props.

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