Featured Creative: Amelia Spink

Photography Editors


Why are you drawn to/passionate about photography?

My love for photography first started on a family trip to Washington DC when I was about 9 years-old. My mom had a small, old digital camera and let me borrow it for the trip. I went around taking photos of everything I could until the memory ran out. Ever since then I’ve had a love for photography that has never stopped. I’m drawn to photography because it’s a really fun way to capture memories and I love being able to tell a story with each of my photos. I also love the freedom photography gives you; there are no rules, so you’re allowed to be unique and have your own style. 

What gear (including lenses) do you use?

I take most of my photos using a Nikon D5600 with an 18-55mm lens, but occasionally I use a 70-300mm lens for things like wildlife photography. However, when I don’t have my camera with me, I just use my iPhone 8.

What editing software do you use?

A majority of my editing is done in Snapseed. This is where I do all the general editing, which includes altering features like contrast, exposure, and saturation. In addition to Snapseed, I also use VSCO for filters and Instagram for any final edits. 

Describe your style in three words.

Simplistic, Natural, and Innovative.

Favorite subject to shoot?

My favorite subject to take photos of is the places that I travel to. I enjoy shooting these places because I’m able to capture memories and experiences in my photos. When I’m not traveling, I also enjoy shooting everyday items. I often shoot things that can be found around your house because I like to find the beauty in small, everyday things that most people don’t really give a second thought to.

Which photographers/creators do you look up to and why?

One of the first photographers that I was inspired by was Jordi Koalitic; his creative style of photography is very unique, which is what made his photos stand out to me. He makes me think about how I want to make my photos unique and helped me to develop my own style of photography. Another photographer that I am inspired by is Scott Rinckenberger. His photos of his travels and goal of capturing the natural beauty of the places he visits inspires me to do the same. When I first saw his photos, I was shocked by his ability to take a photo of something so simple like a leaf and turn it into something beautiful. This is what led me to develop my simplistic style of photography.