Catchin’ Up: AMHS Live’s Newest Show


Senior Arrish Bhandal shooting a free throw

Eric Brown, Mateo Ramirez

If you follow AMHS Athletics on Instagram or Twitter, you have likely heard of “Catchin’ Up” with senior Jack Smith. The show’s host, Smith, envisioned a platform for current athletes at Mitty to share their stories with other students. With an idea forming in his mind, Jack took the next step in his budding sports journalism career by initiating a series of one-on-one interviews with Mitty’s finest athletes. While the Coronavirus pandemic put many of Mitty’s sports programs on hold, Smith capitalized on the time off to “catch up” with athletes from several different programs. Starting with CCS champion senior Arrish Bhandal of the Men’s Basketball team, senior Kylie Mchale of the Women’s Soccer team, and Olivia Williams from the Women’s Basketball team, Smith was able to capture unique and interesting stories from our fellow Monarchs about the highs and lows of their careers so far. 

But “Catchin’ Up” isn’t all about sports. It was also created to unite Mitty students in a time when we can’t be all together physically. Athletes share personal stories about struggling with an injury or a special feeling when they realized they were representing an entire nation of people in their sport.

Smith says, “Giving the players an opportunity to talk about an injury or something they went through with their team can give the Mitty community something to rally behind.” In this time of uncertainty, “Catchin’ Up” with Jack Smith provides athletes an outlet to express themselves and a way to connect with other Mitty students.

So, if you want to hear interesting and heart-felt stories from your Monarch athletes, make sure you tune into to “Catchin’ Up” with Jack Smith on AMHS Live. 

Here’s a sample with Taylor Iden of the Men’s Cross Country team.