The Cold Hard Truth: Football Fans Turned Podcast Hosts


Anish Gupta, Srikar Rajendran, and Jack Smith recording a video.

Briana Meng

Sports are back and this is great news for the Cold Hard Truth Podcast!

Founded by seniors Jack Smith, Anish Gupta, and Srikar Rajendran, the podcast is a platform created to discuss their NFL opinions, analysis, and predictions.  This idea started when Jack, Anish, and Srikar realized that talking and debating about sports could become something they might make a career out of. As Jack states, “We all want a future in the realm of sports—personally I want to be a sports broadcaster—so the idea of a podcast was very appealing to us.” In November of 2019, CHT was off the ground and running.

Though CHT has grown in popularity, the beginning was not the smoothest start. Srikar explains, “We started out recording in the 600 wing with one microphone and three foldable chairs.”

Anish adds, “We were still learning what the podcast market was…. We didn’t know which other platforms we could use, and we struggled with search algorithms and tags on videos.”

The trio recalls that they were not able to find success until quarantine started. In quarantine however, the hosts of the CHT were able to explore new methods of creating content, and found that Zoom was an efficient platform for their recording process. Jack points out, “Recording on Zoom means that we no longer have to get to school early in the morning and we are no longer limited to one episode a week. We are able to record whenever we want, and that has had a huge effect on our growth and experience.” When asked what they plan to do moving forward, the trio says that they would not change their recording process even after the lockdown lifts.

Since entering quarantine, CHT has gained recognition from NFL stars Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas. The podcast is continuing to grow as it has surpassed 200 subscribers, nearing almost 300, and shows no signs of slowing down. Check out the CHT’s Youtube channel to watch past episodes, and subscribe to stay up to date on the upcoming ones! Give them a follow on Instagram to stay up to date with story polls and updates on videos!