Keeping up with COVID: What are Athletes Doing at Home?

Rina Okuda and Julie Walsh

Athletes have found new ways to improve their game from a distance

On top of schoolwork, sessions in the weight room, and games, practices were two hours a day, five days a week. That was the schedule for most Mitty athletes—until COVID-19. Now, practices consist of virtual workouts on the living room floor and neighborhood runs. Junior Richard Yang from Men’s Golf describes his new at-home routine: “I run daily and play golf for cardio, then do body weight workouts with dumbbells for about an hour at night, alternating days by upper body and lower body.” Even with his athletic schedule, Richard is able to balance himself by taking challenging classes while continuing to virtually socialize with his friends.

Varsity swimmer, junior Minh-Anh Pham also enjoys this new balance in her routine and reflects, “Oftentimes, my schedule was a triangle between school, home, and the pool, with little to no time for leisure during the weekends or spend time with my family.” Because she exercised nine times per week before COVID-19, this change allowed her to realize the importance of finding time for relaxation. Despite having in-person restrictions over the summer, athletes have found new ways to improve their game from a distance. “I’ve watched a lot of game footage on Zoom with my club and school team,” says senior Isabella Cenizal on Women’s Water Polo. “Watching mistakes out of the water gives a different perspective which will definitely help plays for this coming season.”

On the other hand, senior Kennedy Coulter and junior Megan Campagna found new hobbies. “I thought teaching water aerobics would be a great way to allow people to leave their house while socializing within the community from a safe distance,” says Coulter. “I make different workouts and playlists for the members to enjoy.” Campagna adds, “It really makes my day to see the community strengthen during this time.” 

The balance between high intensity activities that come from school and our personal relaxation is important for our mental and our physical health, and through these difficult times, one thing remains: the passion and dedication of our student athletes.