Setting Up For Change: Women’s Volleyball’s New Head Coach


Kaavya Narayan, Staff Editor

Adapting to change is not easy, but during these unprecedented times, we’ve learned to accept and embrace new challenges with strength and tenacity. 

Amidst the many changes in our lives, the Mitty women’s volleyball program will be seeing a new face during practice and on the sidelines. Coach Jon Wallace has been named the new head coach of the women’s volleyball program, and he will work to continue the legacy of success inherited from Coach Bret Almazan-Cezar—who led the team to 11 state championships. Coach Wallace was an All-American at UCSB and played professionally both on the beach and indoors. He previously coached at the Division I level at Santa Clara University where he led the women’s volleyball team to 13 NCAA Tournaments and a 2005 Final Four berth. In 2005, he was also named National Coach of the Year. 

In his statement, Coach Wallace acknowledges, “As a collegiate coach in the area for more than 20 years, I’ve long admired how the Monarchs run their program top to bottom. I am honored to be named the head coach, and I look forward to getting started.”