Source: AMHS Performing Arts Instagram
Source: AMHS Performing Arts Instagram

The Making of Mitty’s Performing Arts Assembly

In this behind-the-scenes glimpse, we explore what goes on behind the scenes of this spectacular performance, along with the people involved in making it all come to life.

The Performing Arts Assembly is one of the most awaited events during the school year, and the recent assembly did not fail to impress many of the students and faculty once again. But behind every performance lies careful planning and dedication by individuals who worked to guarantee its success.

To make the assembly happen, Mr. Doug Santana says that the Performing Arts Department starts by deciding which piece they will be playing at the assembly and brainstorming a performance set list about two months before the event. Once this is finished, Mr. Santana works on tying together the performances seamlessly to prevent any mishaps. With Mr. Justin Karr’s coordination with faculty and the IT department, microphones and other technical equipment are arranged to provide the best quality of music in the echoes of the gymnasium. To sum it up, Mr. Santana states, “It is an intense 18 hours from load-in the night before to tear down after the assembly has finished.”

Musical groups typically performs songs they have worked on for quite a while so that everyone is confident in their ability to perform well. Sometimes, Ms. Erin Simón, Mitty’s Choir Director, allows her students to pick which piece they would like to showcase because, as she says, she “wants them to feel proud of what they’ll be performing for their peers.”

In terms of personal experiences with being involved in the assembly, junior Andrew Ku expressed his appreciation by saying how it was a “great opportunity to see Mitty’s collection of musicians and performers all in one place, showing off their talent.” And junior Madison Lin says that “it was really fun to see all the different groups that you normally don’t have the time to see at once.”