Featured Creative: Jordan Houck

Bringing smiles and making friends through fiber art.
Featured Creative: Jordan Houck

When you hear of art, there are a couple of things that pop up into your mind. Maybe it’s some kind of oil painting, graphite drawing, or marble sculptures. But these endeavors do not fully represent the expansive array of different crafts many create within our own community. Creative expression is not limited to these classic forms of art and Jordan Houck’s (‘24) colorful crochet pieces show this.

Houck first got involved with crochet during the pandemic. Like many, she picked up a new skill while having nothing much to do. Her cousin introduced this to her and while she enjoyed her time baking and playing with her dog, crocheting was a fun hobby that helped her manage this time. But this wasn’t just a hobby. Other family members of hers are also involved in fiber arts. Apart from two of her cousins who knit and crochet, her own grandmother learned to crochet from her own mom. She sees crochet as a way to connect with others who share a similar interest.

Currently, her pieces tend to focus on cute subjects such as dinosaurs, mushrooms, and frogs, making them brings her and others joy. While she does use acrylic yarn in some projects, plush yarn is much more suitable for this work for its soft and cushy texture. While she does love making these for herself, part of her enjoyment comes from giving them as gifts to friends and family. People who receive one of her plushies always light up and promise to take care of them.

She has since then extended beyond just close friends and family and has opened an Etsy shop where buyers can order their very own handmade plushie. Since she desires to continue crocheting and has a surplus of plushies, she, along with a couple of friends, made a page and advertised the products which allows her to support this hobby.

At the center of this, she just enjoys the craft itself. As she describes, she finds it interesting how she can make something from almost nothing but yarn and a vision:


I start with a skein of yarn and with a single hook I can create a plushie that seems to have its own personality.


She is motivated by the fact that there is always something new that she can try. There is an endless amount of creations that keeps her passionate about her craft. She takes inspiration from the crochet community on Instagram, such as CrochetGrove and NoellesCraftCorner.

Although her time at Mitty is soon coming to an end, she plans on continuing projects and experimenting with new designs. At some point, she would like to open up her own stand at a craft fair and sell in person. In the meantime, she plans on enjoying the end of the year and being there to bring joy to the people in her life. To view more of her work, click here: Crochet Art By Jordan