Get Your Head in the Game: Mental Skills Training with Coach Grant Parr


Sriram Swain and Mateo Ramirez

During times as unorthodox as today, student athletes have had their fair share of doubt about whether or not they will be given the opportunity to prove themselves. Although there is a great deal of uncertainty behind when that opportunity will come, Coach Grant Parr’s mental training sessions help athletes prepare for that moment. By providing strategies and promoting behaviors that will allow them to take control of the mind, Coach Parr emphasizes the importance of developing the emotional capacity necessary to grow in confidence and bounce back from past performances.

When asked why he enjoys teaching the importance of mental skills, Coach Parr responded: “It is my purpose. By interacting with kids to help them understand and develop mental skills, I intend to give them a mental edge as a competitor both in sports and in life.” The skills taught by Coach Parr do not only benefit student athletes. By teaching his students how to control their thoughts and emotions in the moment, he is working towards instilling a mindset that will help them overcome the challenges presented by everyday life.

As Coach Parr explains, “Everybody experiences stress and failure, but what’s most important is how you respond. If you can align your emotions to become the most focused and best version of yourself, it will allow you to play present both on the field, the court, and in future relationships with family and friends.”

For those that have not gone to a session yet, it is a great opportunity to develop essential life skills and learn something new about the mind and body. When confronted by stress and emotional tribulations, it is important to connect with the central nervous system, and with Coach Parr’s mental training sessions, you are given the chance to learn how to do just that. If you have free time on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM, it is too great of an opportunity to not take advantage of!