Gallery: Patterns

Gallery: Patterns

Finding life’s little patterns

The pattern is very visually appealing to me, especially with its striking black color against its light background. The lilac and white are perfect matches.

A Rubik’s cube could be used to form many patterns, and three different patterns are shown in this picture. The side facing the light seems to resemble a daisy, which I find very adorable.

This image really encapsulates spring time. There’s nothing more to say.

“April Showers” – my front yard never looks as pretty as it does after a rainstorm. This photo was taken a week after we got a week of showers, and I couldn’t help but be drawn to these bright magenta petals.

There is something about the golden lines and irregular spaces that is entrancing and leads your eyes to anywhere it wants.

These clear crystals closely resembles rain droplets. If you notice, there is an assortment of sizes. It may not be the exact size, but it still forms a pattern, and it looks like the droplets you would see on your car window on a rainy day.

The original image was taken on campus, during a power outage. I thought the emergency lights in the 400 wing looked spooky, so I gathered some friends and had them pose in the middle of the hallway. I edited the image, inspired by 2000s creepy pastas, and used swirl in liquify as well as chromatic abrasion to create a disorienting scene of something familiar.