Gallery: Darkness

Gallery: Darkness

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Darkness gives way to more creativity than people put on. This is especially the case for different lights. Light trail photography is a great way to show this, much like the photo. Taking a laser pointer, a vase, and a dark room gave way to such an intriguing and almost surrealistic photo.

This photo has a surrealistic atmosphere to it, making it seem as though there are two moons. It is simple yet beautiful in how full and bright the moon is.

This photo showcases the moon as the main subject once again, the brightness that outshines the rest of the sky almost looking as if it is out of a Disney movie. There truly is beauty in simplicity.

Framing the moon in the photo really draws the viewer’s attention in. It gives an emphasis and more complexity than a straight-on shot. The background helps show the idea of how urban life has its beauty in its chaos.

This lily showcases an ethereal tone in the photograph, showing how beauty blooms in the darkness.

The eerie yet oddly foreboding picture of this secluded walkway, makes one feel as though they are watched. Darkness in any location is such a simple setting to add extra complexity to a good photograph.

The photo has a moody vibe with the shadows and smoke. The smoke frames the dragon and the saturation of the dragon makes it pop.

Dusk is such a beautiful time to capture a photograph. It not being too dark yet not too light results in a nicely toned photo. A dark landscape that catches the details such as the ocean in the picture, adds insight to a time that we do not usually look at the world. It adds a cooler and softer perspective.

This photo displays many water droplets in focus with tall dark trees blurred in the background. Inside most droplets, an upsidedown image of the trees is reflected clearly inside.