Presidential Election at Risk Due to USPS Changes


Mailboxes like these were removed from neighborhoods in recent, large-scale changes to the USPS.

Meraf Sergoalem, Staff Writer

The effectiveness of mail-in voting is a controversial issue among both Republican and Democratic parties. Donald Trump has waged a war against the infusion of $25 Billion into the US Postal Service this fall.

The appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, a Trump Donor, has been under intense scrutiny following a congressional hearing, drawing attention to his attempt to incrementally cut USPS government funding during a contentious presidential election. Mailbox removals have been reported and citizens living in rural areas have grown concerned since public mailboxes allow them to pay bills and register to vote. Citizens in Montana, Oregon, and New York have taken to social media and contacted their local state representatives, petitioning for a stop to the removal of mailboxes in their respective cities.

Posters like these encourage citizens to exercise their civic duty. Now, mail-in ballots like the woman holds here, are threatened by changes to the USPS.

Among the most impacted are the elderly, people suffering from disabilities, and citizens without reliable transportation. Many will be forced to choose between not casting a vote in the upcoming election or willingly putting themselves in harm’s way by voting at the in-person polling booths. Following the affected states’ demands for the return of mailboxes, USPS has halted all mailbox removals for further investigation. 

Trump has publicly denounced mail-in voting and opposed the stimulus deal with the Democrats. The deal was to help USPS prepare for increasing amounts of mail-in ballots this coming election due to the costs and unsafe conditions of in-person voting polls. Trump’s reasoning is to prevent another illegal mail-in ballot issue similar to his popular vote loss by 3 million ballots in the 2016 election. Many believe this is a ruse to mitigate his potential loss against Biden in November and, simultaneously, save face.

After extensive research, experts determined that voting in person or by mail doesn’t mean more or less votes for either party. Democrats are now urging voters to be cautious of falling into this “Trump Trap” and not fear sending in their ballots by mail. This election is now in the hands of the voters since many states are allowing voters to request their ballots earlier.