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Unprofessional Fashion Critic (High School Sophomore) Reviews the 2022 Oscars Looks

Unprofessional Fashion Critic (High School Sophomore) Reviews the 2022 Oscars Looks

Nicole Hartman—A&E writer and unprofessional fashion critic—gives her two cents on the 2022 Oscars red carpet looks
Nicole Hartman, Staff Writer April 16, 2022
From a certain controversial slap to possible award snubs, the 2022 Oscars ceremony was eventful to say the least. But looking past the actual cinema aspect of the Academy Awards, let's hone in on the noteworthy fashion that graced the red carpet—including fun commentary from A&E's very own Nicole Hartman '24. We're definitely qualified to judge fashion.
Working for the Knife: Mitski’s Laurel Hell and the Exploitation of an Artist

Working for the Knife: Mitski’s Laurel Hell and the Exploitation of an Artist

A review and analysis of Mitski's album Laurel Hell
Jinny Kim, Staff Editor April 14, 2022
This beautiful yet morbid image of laurel bushes is the perfect description to use for Mitski’s sixth studio album, Laurel Hell. A major recurring theme of this album is feeling stuck—feeling like there’s nothing left to give to something that’s supposed to be beautiful, whether it be music or a relationship.
Ready for the Madness: The MMXXXI Themes, Reviewed

Ready for the Madness: The MMXXXI Themes, Reviewed

Reviews of the media that each Monarch Madness theme is based on
Clara Schultz and Jinny Kim February 20, 2022
Four classes. Four themes. Are you ready for the madness? In celebration of Mitty's 31st edition of Monarch Madness, we watched and reviewed the four pieces of media that inspired each class' Monarch Madness theme: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Money Heist, A Quiet Place, and Kingsman: The Secret Service.
Celebrating Black History Month: A Timeline of Black Women in Music

Celebrating Black History Month: A Timeline of Black Women in Music

From Bessie Smith to Lizzo, let's celebrate the Black women who helped shape music
Ria Sudhir, Staff Writer February 20, 2022
In honor of Black History Month in February and the upcoming Women's History Month in March, we would like to honor some of the most notable Black female musicians of our time. These women paved the way for music, led many cultural revelations, and overcame difficulties, to be collectively crowned as queens.
Developments in Representation: Encanto & Valorant

Developments in Representation: Encanto & Valorant

A look into how Encanto and Valorant have incorporated racial representation
Isabella Canales, Stephanie Ahn, and Alessandra Chang February 20, 2022
A&E writers explore how Encanto accurately represents Latino characters with both the animation and writing, and how Riot Games' addition of a Filipina character in Valorant is both a sign of progress and room for improvement. 
The Shifting Sands of Dune

The Shifting Sands of Dune

A review of Dune, a stunning sci-fi novel brought to life on the big screen
Andrew Park, Staff Writer December 9, 2021
The golden sands of a barren planet. A long, looming shadow over the desert. Countless spaceships huddled together. Hand-to-hand combat with blades. Eerie music, a star-studded cast, an ingenious logo, and IMAX visuals. Is this Star Wars? No, it’s Dune, an enthralling and mesmerizing introduction to a saga with great potential.
Hermione, Annabeth, and Female Characters Physical Appearances

Hermione, Annabeth, and Female Characters’ Physical Appearances

The negative impacts of changing female characters' appearances in book-to-movie adaptations
Isabella Canales, Staff Writer December 8, 2021
In changing some small details of female characters particularly, movie adaptations can take away an essential part of the character and their development, as well as diminish the uplifting effect that these features have on young impressionable audiences looking for someone like them.
The Downfall of Brandy Melville

The Downfall of Brandy Melville

Allegations of racism, antisemitism, and fatphobia against Brandy Melville CEO, Stephan Marsan
Stephanie Ahn, Staff Writer December 5, 2021
It’s saddening how so many teens are willing to put these important matters at hand aside to sate their hunger for a Eurocentric beauty standard intended to bring down people of color and exclude body types. This is the root problem of Brandy’s entire existence as a brand, and as we continue to learn more of its hard truths, the demise of this hip, trendy store will soon follow.
A Woman of Colors Relatable Insights in The Chair

A Woman of Color’s Relatable Insights in “The Chair”

Netflix's new series tells the story of an overworked woman of color struggling between conflicting loyalties
Stephanie Ahn, Staff Writer October 19, 2021
What makes The Chair so enticing is not just the laughable setting, but its ability to cover nuanced perspectives on relevant social issues, such as women of color’s voices, double standards, and cancel culture apologies.
Marvels Newest Releases: Shang-Chi and What If...?

Marvel’s Newest Releases: “Shang-Chi” and “What If…?”

Monarchs review Marvel's action-packed "Shang-Chi" and innovative "What If...?"
Aadhithan Arivalagan and Andrew Park October 18, 2021
Read two Monarchs' perspectives on Marvel's recent releases: "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" and "What If...?"
Lets Be Real. Hes All That Isnt All That

Let’s Be Real. “He’s All That” Isn’t All That

A TikTok star, KFC product placements, and a cringe-worthy plot: the downfall of "He's All That"
Ria Sudhir, Staff Writer October 18, 2021
If you haven’t watched the movie, let me issue a warning: you don’t want to. Let’s be honest. He's All That lacked flavor, depth, and a certain “je ne sais quoi.”
Essential Watches & Listens for This Fall

Essential Watches & Listens for This Fall

Film, TV, and music recommendations for autumn
Kriti Vamshidhar, Staff Writer October 16, 2021
Fall entertainment, ranging from old classics to new releases, is a necessity for getting into the pumpkin spice mood. Lucky for you, I've done the work and come up with a list of the best (in my opinion) films, shows, and music for this fall. So sit back, relax, and light a candle!
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