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Mr. Beahm’s Paintings Around Campus

The Art of Mr. John Beahm: Making Mitty’s Walls Brighter Everyday

Emily Vu, Dhwani Kharidia, and Yixuan Qiao February 26, 2023
Today, Mr. Beahm's paintings have found homes throughout campus, from the DEI Office to the Library to the Science Tutorial Center. He has even donated paintings for bidding to Mitty’s auctions. “I would hope that in some small way, my paintings have brought an added visual warmth and enjoyment to their office space decor, and a curiosity and inquisitiveness to those who've encountered the paintings in common areas,” he says.
Stand Up Speak Up

Stand Up Speak Up

Nora Lal and Vincent Kwan February 17, 2023
With posters taped on campus walls and in classrooms and informative Mitty minutes, the Stand Up Speak Up campaign seeks to highlight macro aggressions and micro aggressions present in our daily lives.
Mahit Karadigudda: His Story of History

Mahit Karadigudda: His Story of History

Mia Evans and Raaghav Chakravarthy February 17, 2023
Quiz Bowl is an academic competition where teams of students battle each other on various topics. Three years ago, one boy’s quiz bowl journey began with his love for history and continues to this day. He is Mahit Karadigudda, a member of the class of 2025, and this is his story.

Freeze and Think!

Kazu Pang and Suhrith Kaushik November 30, 2022

Near the end of October, students underwent their first-ever freeze drill. This precaution is a means to maintain a safe environment for Mitty students. In terms of decision-making, the San Jose Police...

Blessed Beginnings: A Glimpse Into Mittys Morning Prayers

Blessed Beginnings: A Glimpse Into Mitty’s Morning Prayers

Mia Evans and Samarth Prajapati November 30, 2022

Every morning, as students settle down in their seats or rush across campus to their classrooms, the sound of music over the PA system halts their hustle and bustle. People all over campus stop whatever...

MAP leaders in front of the Capitol building (Courtesy of Maria George)

A Step Forward: MAP’s Trip to Washington D.C.

Madison Lin and Siddharth Belegere November 30, 2022

Washington D.C. is where everything happens, transforming our country and altering our everyday lives. It’s the holy grail for any advocacy group. After a three-year pandemic hiatus, the Mitty Advocacy...

Remembering Mrs. Slevin

Remembering Mrs. Slevin

Yixuan Qiao, Dhwani Kharidia, and Emily Vu October 18, 2022
As a teacher, Mrs. Slevin challenged her students to do their best, inspiring them to look beyond the class material.
And The Walls Fall Down

And The Walls Fall Down

Kazu Pang and Emily Liu October 18, 2022
The Play That Goes Wrong starts with a seemingly stereotypical murder drama until nuts and bolts slip off door hinges, shelves and furniture shatter, and the walls collapse.
A Campus Connected: Updates to Wi-Fi and the Tech Office

A Campus Connected: Updates to Wi-Fi and the Tech Office

Vincent Kwan and Matthew Jo October 18, 2022
Tucked away on the first floor of three hundred wing, Mitty’s Tech Office provides and protects the vital wireless services that power the school. Its staff have taken significant steps to promote security and usability, replacing the current Wi-Fi with a newer, more accessible system for students and faculty alike.
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