A Girl Who Finally Deserves the Hype


Sarah Mesler, Staff Writer

Popular TikTok Creators better watch out. There’s a new girl stealing the hype, but this time, she actually deserves it. In just over a month, sixteen year-old Sienna Mae has gained 3.8 million TikTok followers, easily passing up Cynthia Parker, the popular, teenage dancer known for looking way older than her age (and dating Lil Huddy way back). Sienna’s first video was posted on August 15, making fun of Olivia Ponton’s “i just ate” caption. The video blew up, and Sienna’s rise to fame began. Olivia’s video received backlash because she seemed to be “complaining” about her small physique, making others feel self conscious about their bodies.

Sienna displays her genuine self in all her videos and frequently posts without posing. She is confident and comfortable in her own skin, which has been inspiring many other girls to be confident in their bodies too. Sienna is a competitive dancer but also posts body positivity videos and puts her own spin to many of the popular TikTok trends. She is also known for her squirrel dance and absolutely “bodying” any dance or video she attempts. She can make “weird” or “embarrassing” things cool just by simply being confident! Hundreds of thousands of girls have been positively affected by her videos, gaining more confidence and realizing that their bodies are normal. Comments like “i don’t think you even know how many girls you have helped with your videos,” and “you have no idea what an impact you’ve had on me,” and “i bought my first pair of low rise jeans because you made me realize nobody is as worried about my body as i am, and guess what i look like a baddie in them,” attest to this. 

Body shaming is NOT okay, but girls still suffer from disgusting and hateful comments on social media everyday. The lack of body positivity on TikTok right now is a significant social issue. Many TikTok creators have the “perfect bodies” which makes most people feel insecure because we can only see what those creators want us to see in regards to their body. It makes me sad to see how many girls get brought down by just watching a TikTok of say Olivia Ponton, who says things like “I just ate” and then proceeds to show off her “perfectly toned body.” Sienna shows the TikTok community that all bodies are beautiful and you can be confident no matter what size you are.  

Personally, Sienna has reminded me that we just need to be ourselves on social media. We have to stop trying to look like this person or compare ourselves to that person, and be proud of who we are! With social media, ideas and messages spread quickly–hopefully more girls will start to use their pages to help more people gain self-confidence, like Sienna is helping people now.